Agricultural Production Thematic Working Group (T.W.G.)

The first sector we wished to address from the beginning of our endeavour was Agricultural Production, and therefore, we created the corresponding T.W.G. including producers and farmers. The group is in the process of negotiating different issues, seeking out collective solutions for their integration in the alternative economy model as well as for their empowerment.
The first discussions are focusing on the following issues:

  • Common needs, common problems and difficulties, focusing on cooperation and common solutions.
  • Natural and environmental-friendly management of agricultural production.
  • Holistic approach and negotiation of topics.
  • Promotion of the complementary producer-consumer roles.
  • Social participation without mediators.
  • Enhancing local self-sufficiency.

 Important element that should be underlined is the dynamic that we aim to develop; so as this group will form a basis for developing new undertakings. For example, an issue that has been highlighted as a priority, is the regular provision of products in the context of an "Autonomous Open Market", where we will be able to trade on the terms set by our community and the economy that will enhance the I.C. network.

At the same time, new ventures that will be connected and will contribute to the thematic of food are encouraged; such as the establishment of a Collective Kitchen group that will connect production with the provision and consumption of agricultural products, while communicating our priorities for localisation, self-sufficiency and solidarity.