Autonomous Open Market

Since we already had the two basic economic tools (Kouki and FairCoin) and many different producers within the I.C.Her. framework, we focused on making their products available independently and create an exchange of goods and services outside the established system. The purpose of the Autonomous Farmers and Producers Market is to serve both, the producers so they can offer their products easily without taxes and deductions, and the consumers so they can obtain products to cover their basic daily needs straight from the producers, at fair prices for both sides. This strengthens the alternative local economy we promote and contributes to the common fund of the I.C.Her.

At the same time, we are trying to share the values ​​and projects of the I.C.Her., building an autonomous open space for meetings and mutual support among the members. 
More specifically, our goals are:

  • the collectivisation of producers (resources, means, needs, mutual assistance, etc.)
  • the interrelationship of producers and consumers as they are interdependent roles
  • emphasizing public space as a step towards autonomy and freedom of expression
  • the promotion of the I.C.Her. projects and values
  • the promotion of an economy based on solidarity

The Autonomous Farmers and Producers Market is organized and operates in a direct democratic context, based on its own assembly organized at the end of each bazaar. Here, anyone interested can participate freely and co-shape the course of the project. Similarly, the participation of producers in the Autonomous Farmers and Producers Market is free, the only prerequisite being to respect the commonly accepted values ​​and to be able to trade using our alternative currencies.

At the same time, we organize speeches and workshops to share knowledge and discuss issues that concern us in general. We do not forget the children as well, for whom we often organize games and educational activities. Every autonomous market ends with its open assembly, where we all discuss and decide on its evolution and the organization of the next one.

At the moment, the Autonomous Farmers and Producers Market is organised one Saturday of the month at Georgiades Park. Contact us to find out when the next one will take place and come and meet us!