Autonomous Pot


"Autonomous Pot" is the initiative of a group of people who aim to cook a new collective recipe;
a solidarity kitchen, available to non-hierarchical collectives and self-managing groups in Heraklion and surrounding areas,
to provide a better experience and taste to events and dinner gatherings
with good quality products of local producers and cooperatives.


We want to meet a real need and at the same time to unite with a network of people
who will produce / process / consume / fight together.



Basic Principles

The kitchen organisation and cooking will always be in agreement with the group/people that is interested, following these basic principles:

  • The products we use are primarily provided by local producers or co-operatives and are mainly ecological/organic ones.
  • The team welcomes any offers of products and infrastructure by producers, collectives or individuals.
  • It is a member of the Integral Cooperative of Heraklion network and uses its alternative currencies, the local "Kouki" and FairCoin, wherever possible.
  • Cooking will be done following basic hygiene and environmental rules (oil recycling, composting etc.)
  • As far as possible, serving will be done with utensils of the group to avoid the use of plastic and to reduce the volume of garbage. It will also be suggested to the participants to bring their own utensils.
  • This is a non-profit project, thus the cost of services provided to others will be based on product costs, labor and a small reserve that will be used for solidarity actions, equipment and supplies.
  • Our proposal to groups is that food should be provided to public free of charge or with donations to financially support the group's activities.
  • Participants of the project will receive a compensation for the time contributed, primarily in "Kouki" wherever possible, but we also encourage voluntary participation where appropriate.
  • The project will be available for solidarity actions in social groups facing immediate food needs (e.g. refugees, immigrants, Roma, etc.).
  • In cooperation with local producers and cooperatives, we will try to account our product needs together and co-create production and supply plans.
  • Autonomous Pot operates as a self-organized group that holds regular meetings for setting principles, operating rules and planning any future actions.