Context of Values

The Integral Cooperative of Heraklion is an attempt and a vision for social change. This attempt consists of persons and collectives interested in an alternative way of life. Our goal is the establishment of an integral cooperative that will cover our needs in various sectors of everyday life (health, food, education, housing etc). A further goal is our contribution to social transformation. The present socio-economical model is based on individualism, which leads people to a sociopolitical and psychological dead end. We have decided to make this attempt as our needs and values cannot be covered by the prevailing capitalist model.
The sustainability of the project is based on the quality and the depth of the relationships among its members. But this, in itself, is not enough; our practicesshould be in accordance with its principles, vision and values that define our collective identity and radiate all what we pursue.  
The basic principles we agreed upon to determine the cooperative's functioning are the following:
Collectivization of needs. Through the common use of resources, we seek to ensure self sufficiency for members of our community in several sectors (health, food, education, culture etc.). Our aim is to gradually cover our needs more and more through the network, making use of economy and exchange forms that dismiss the regular market and the monetary system. 
Self organization. Self management, horizontality, anti-hierarchy, self determination and contribution of everybody to the commons. We create a network where everybody has an active role and is co-managing resources and goods.
Collective decision making. We try to minimize the mentality of representation and delegation of decision making for issues that concerns us. It is important to us that there is enough time and energy for all members to be able to participate in the collective processes that ensure the direct democratic and horizontal functioning of the project. 
Autonomy. We aim to consult and collectively create our own institutions, agreements and rules.
Openness. Our actions have to be a two-way process that will externalize our efforts but also receive feedback from society. This model is designed in a way that can be reproduced, copied and expanded towards all directions instead of remaining an inwardly directedand isolated effort. Therefore we are addressing society aiming to emancipate an increasing part of it.
Solidarity. We perceive people around us as equal but at the same time as different members of a community that seeks the creation of relations of solidarity with everyone it cooperates with. Thus we create a network of mutual aid and support which will allow us to strengthen our efforts to and gain the necessary visibility and dimension.     

Anti systemic. Anticapitalism, civil disobedience, vested rights, social conflict. The existing system is exploiting space and recourses based on authority; therefore, we choose to strive to defend our own value system. We also aim to get connected with other movements of resistance, in Greece and abroad.      
Degrowth. Ecology and localization. We aim to redefine our needs so as to be in harmony with the environment. We organize production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in the framework of egalitarian coexistence in the local communities in order to cover local needs. 
Self education. In order to be able to succeed in all this we have to evolve constantly and attend to our collective education.
* All of the above are under constant negotiation and reconsideration by our entire network, which is constantly enriched and expanding.