Economy Thematic Working Group (T.W.G.)

Economy has always been a central issue of society and crosses horizontally our relations and transactions. We refer to the economy originally created to serve man and his needs; and not to its present form that has overturned common sense and, from a service tool, has been transformed to a purpose and a means of control of our work, labour and in general of our lives.
We realise that in order to achieve an autonomous cooperative scheme, we have no choice but to create our own respective economy that will be managed by us. At the same time, this economy constitutes a core element for the sustainability of the I.C.s, as through it we can attain the internal management of our network's resources, minimizing the outflow towards the state, the banks and the other institutions we are trying to surpass. This surplus will be used subsequently, either for the enhancement of existing undertakings of our network; or for the creation of new undertakings that will serve our strategy and common needs.

We are building an economy that will:

  • Be based on a person-centred approach.
  • Be monitored collectively and will serve the common good.
  • Be governed by the principles of equality, solidarity and justice.
  • Reject the concepts of profit-making, exploitation and competition.

Based on these, we implement a plan of Economic Disobedience, which involves two complementary social currencies, aiming at our gradual independence from banks and the euro-system. It refers to:

  1. "Kouki" the local currency for our common exchanges.
  2. FairCoin cryptocurrency that is supported by the FairCoop local node of Heraklion.

Especially nowadays, that a brutally unfair public tax system is being imposed with the purpose of repaying the long list of accumulated public debts, which are stemming from a self-contained and intertwined state management policy; we must respond in a targeted and collective manner. We support acts of economic disobedience, by trying to define on our own a way to manage the earnings of our labour and the resources of our network. Our plan includes actions such as refusing to pay income or VAT tax as well as a general resistance to external taxing; while at the same time promoting the collective ownership and management of our resources so as to avoid audit controls.