FairCoop Local Node

The Local nodes of the global FairCoop organisation, represent its local dimension and connection with projects, collectives and individuals that accept our common values and take part in the Integral Revolution. They act as the link between local and global community; as a two way means of communication and feedback. FairCoop emerged as a need, in order to develop economic tools of global range, empowering in this way the individual local initiatives and outspreading the priorities of the Integral Revolution around the world. For more and detailed information about FairCoop, you can visit the following address: https://fair.coop/

Having already established a close relationship with several members of the FairCoop community, and as we are united by our common values and goals; we decided to create a Local Node here in Heraklion, translating and adopting its useful financial tools, which enable us to practice our plan for financial disobedience on a more solid basis. Our main engagements include:

  • Communicating, promoting and spreading FairCoop locally; as well as facilitating individuals and collectives interested in using its financial tools or following its collective processes.
  • Connecting local projects with those already active in the context of FairCoop, enhancing and expanding their actions, while at the same time strengthening the fair economic model we wish to construct.
  • Establishing a local currency exchange space, where anyone could exchange Euros to social economy currencies such as FairCoin or “Kouki”, or the opposite, in an easy and safe manner.  At the same time, this local currency exchange space will provide credit and funding for the initiation or development of solidarity undertakings, using FairCoop capital available for this cause.
  • Contributing to the works of the global FairCoop community, participating in the collective procedures and the regular online assemblies. In this way, the organization remains active and we are co-deciding on its course and evolution.

Some of the collective economic tools developed by FairCoop that we have adopted and translated into Greek so as to facilitate their use locally, are the following:

Products and services market produces by trusted individuals that accept our values. All transactions are being made with the use of the FairCoin cryprtocurrency, enhancing its use and dissemination.

A crowd-funding platform functioning in an open and cooperative manner, without costs; wishing simply to contribute to the development and enhancement of different Integral Revolution projects. Contributions in all types of currencies are accepted, systemic and alternative, as well as in-kind contributions.

The official way to buy FairCoin based on the agreed exchange rate defined by the community. It offers several alternative payment methods, either through bank transfer, or with the use of cards, and the possibility to save your funds in special accounts.  

Here you can find all shops or other spots that accept transactions in FairCoin, along with a description of services or products available as well as other useful information.
We invite you to explore the above mentioned web addresses and contact us in case you need additional information in the following e-mail address: heraklion (at) fair.coop
* The @ symbol has been replaced with (at) to avoid spam messaging.

The Local FairCoop node of Heraklion is now actively cooperating with the “Kouki” Local Exchange Network in a common "Solidarity Economy" group, aiming at a coordinated effort of promotion and co-functioning. This group is meeting every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, from 18:00 to 20:00, at the "Da" Social Space, where you can meet us in person. We invite you to join us and participate in the local FairCoop node so as to enhance this effort and contribute to the development of a just and cooperative global economy.


The FairCoin cryptocurrency

FairCoin is the currency that complements our economic model and gives a modern and global dimension to our effort; while at the same time is designed to cooperate locally with the Exchange Network, strengthening the value of our global solidarity economy. FairCoin is a digital currency (or virtual money) based on a decentralized encryption-protected transaction network. This primarily means that it is not a tangible currency and that everything is operated through computers and the Internet. In addition, all transactions and data are protected through encryption, which also generates the name “cryptocurrency”. Although such a system may seem complicated at first; its use is actually very simple. The technology developed today makes a transaction with cryptocurrencies as easy and safe –if not more– as a payment executed with a credit card or a PIN code.

FairCoin is the cryptocurrency created by FairCoop, inspired by the idea of Integral Cooperatives, wishing to formulate and support in monetary terms the creation of this new economic system at global level. During its design, major attention was paid so that the currency incorporates the values that unite us. At the same time, FairCoin is improved and supported by a conscious, devoted and open global community that decides in a direct democratic way for its evolution.
The I.C.Her. supports FairCoin and actively participates in its development, aiming to restore, to the greatest possible extent, the balance between the existing economic injustice and exploitation, at local level, but also between remote communities and countries.

We promote FairCoin as an option of moral money saving; but also in its daily use that is enhanced by the multiple services that make it a useful tool. Initially, we aim at increasing demand of FairCoin acquisition through its adoption by several cooperative and solidarity projects, maximizing its value and releasing us from the need to use the conventional and controlled Euro currency. The next step would be to establish a Local Currency Exchange Space in Heraklion, where we could convert Euros to FairCoin and the opposite, in a fast, easy and confidential manner; making use of this capital to empower initiatives and individuals working with us towards social change.