An integral self-management plan

A Integral Cooperative (I.C.) is a tool of self organization and self management for citizens that intend to take their lives in their own hands and who want to take decisions for whatever concerns them in a collective and grassroots democratic manner. It is a tool that enables us to reduce the present dependency from the system and all its repressive structures. A tool that  unlocks the horizons of freedom and activates our collective creativity and strength. Creating a horizontal network, penetrating all sectors that make up our society, aiming to re-establish close relations and trust among members of the local community; we propose continuous disobedience towards the existing model of economic growth.
Integral because it aims at integrating all activities necessary in our life and social development, such as food, housing, health, education, energy, transport etc. At the same time it includes all basic elements of an economy, like production, consumption and funding - always focusing on the needs of people.
Cooperative because it is based on cooperation and it is a project that exercises financial and political self management trough the egalitarian participation of all its members. With respect to the freedom and diversity of each person, it shapes a collective identity that is capable of redefining the perpetual and harmonious coexistence of people and natural environment.   
Inspired by the successful example of Catalonia (CIC), we started here, locally, our own effort to unite our voice with all other scattered, dynamic and free voices echoing the idea of a world without oppression, without relationships of power and delegation. Our effort is founded on the ground of basic and simple values, with the goal to integrate as many comrades as possible, who respect and share this vision of social change. With determination and patience we will shape together this transition that relies both on individual and collective transformation.

This constitutes a simple but necessary political "blueprint" of this project, not able though to define the identity, depth and radius of what we are pursuing. Our practice and actions, that will be in accordance with these principles, vision and values, will give the necessary dynamic and the drive for the realization of our attempt.
We don’t start empty-handed; we already have some practical tools that will allow us to realize the alternative, social and solidarity economy we desire. Complementary, an organized plan of economical disobedience towards the state and the banking system is set in motion. In this way, the resources of the I.C will stay in our hands, creating a sustainable and autonomous system, where the produced surplus will contribute to the common good.

A basic element is that we co-decide the creation of the next structures that will cover our collective needs. We are creating our own self managed economy with the terms and relations we set, outside the context of the centralized authorities, state or banks.