"Kouki" Local Exchange Network

The "Kouki" Exchange Network was created by the I.C.Her. in order to cover our daily needs. The goals of the network are ensuring self-sufficiency, enhancing local production, social participation, networking and solidarity. "Kouki" is part of a comprehensive plan for the construction of an economy that will be defined by ourselves, will be decentralised and transparent, and will be based on direct democratic assembly and continuous open negotiation procedures.

Our vision is to achieve social organisation based on equality, cooperation and trust, redefinition of the relationship between humans and environment, but also based on concepts such as quality of life and (de)growth.

"Kouki" supports a two-way relationship between producer and consumer,withouth mediators, bypassing the use of the Euro, banks and the state. The power of our common currency derives from the community of members that supports it and uses it. Its members can be at the same time producers, manufacturers, professionals or amateurs that desire to exchange products or services with the use of this alternative digital currency. Its use is simple, safe, easy and fastas it is protected and promoted by ourselves. Participation in this lively and creative economy constitutes the first step for our emancipation from the current capitalistic model that defines and forms our lives. We invite you to come and get to know how all of us together can move towards a self-organised path of this type of social economy. 

We are not only exchanging goods and services, but also ideas, reflections, dreams for a quality of life that is not defined by profit, competition and individualism.



"Kouki" is now actively cooperating with the digital currency FairCoin in a common "Solidarity Economy" group, aiming at a coordinated effort of promotion and co-functioning. This group is meeting every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, from 18:00 to 20:00, at the "Da" Social Space, that you can join and get informed/participate.


Offers Catalogue

Check our catalogue with products and services offered in the Exchange Network: Offers catalogue (last update: January 2018)
The catalogue is updated every 3-4 months and aims at giving a general idea of the offers provided in the network at this specific timing. New members and offers are constantly added or changed; however only active members can see the current situation of the network, and of course, participate by offering a product or service. Read below to learn more about the registration process and we hope to have the chance to meet and discuss in person.


The "Kouki" Exchange Network's Electronic Platform

The online platform is based on Community Exchange System (CES), that constitutes the most widespread open software for this purpose and is used by hundreds of communities around the globe. One of its variations, that is implemented and supported successfully for many years now by the Catalan Integral Cooperative, was translated in Greek in order to integrate our own local exchange network. 

There you can find all active offers and demands provided by the members of the network, as well as realise, simply and easily, a transaction. Moreover, it includes a full and accessible display of all transactions that are being made, capturing in a transparent manner the overall economic situation of our community.


Sign up to the Exchange Network

In order to create an account in our online platform, visit the webpage: https://www.integralces.net/user/register/HERA?lang=en
In the relevant form, you should complete all necessary fields, as well as enter at least one offer, so that your registration is accepted.

We propose to users to enter their real personal data, so as to facilitate direct communication between interested members. Regarding "username" on the other hand, we propose to choose an alias with latin characters. 

Finally, after the administration team accepts your registration request*, you will receive a relevant notification in the e-mail address you have entered. Follow the instructions to set your personal password, and you aready to go!

As members you will be able to find additional instructions and news, on our internal blog on the following address https://www.integralces.net/ces/bank/exchange/blog
See below some instructional videos that explain in detail the main functions of our online platform.

* Please note that the activation of your account will be finalised after your physical presence in one of our events, meetings or assemblies of our exchange network, so as to have the chance to explain in person our procedures and functioning. We consider everyone's participation essential for the formation and the course of our network, as a part of an overall strategy for the establishment of the social and solidarity economy we pursue.

For more information, please contact us at the following e-mail address: admin.kouki (at) riseup.net
* The @ symbol has been replaced with (at) to avoid spam messaging.